10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022) (2022)

It’s always happy hour somewhere when you are in the city of sin. There are plenty of fun things to do in Las Vegas but we can all agree it starts with a warm-up round at the bar!

That’s why taking advantage of a happy hour can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck when getting drinks in Vegas. Stop wondering and start drinking! In no particular order, (because all the bars here are awesome), I present my top picks for “The best happy hour in Las Vegas”

The Herbs and Rye

Address: 3713 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

The Herbs and Rye restaurant and bar offers an awesome dinner and cocktails experience. And it is renowned for its delicious and innovative drinks.

The best thing about the Herbs and Rye bar is probably the too-cool speakeasy atmosphere and good food. However, the second-best part is the awesome happy hour deals they offer. Currently, the cocktail masters offer happy hours from 5pm to 8pm, then 12am to 3am, which is when they close. On top of that, they even offer half-priced steaks during this time. Awesome!

Happy Hour Deals: Monday thru Saturday 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

  • Drink Specials
  • 50% off Steaks and Selected Food Menu

Golden Tiki

High on my list of the 2022 best happy hour in Las Vegas stands The Golden Tiki. This oneshould be on everyone’s visit list if you’re headed to Chinatown in the Las Vegas area. Open 24 hours a day, this bar and restaurant offer more than just a stiff drink, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the menu. Full of tropical and rum-filled drinks, there’s something new for everyone to try. Or go all-in and get a bowl-sized drink to share with the whole table.

This establishment offers deals on drinks starting from midday and ending at midnight, so it’s difficult to miss a good deal.

10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022) (1)

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Downtown Cocktail Room

OK, personal opinion, this is 1 of the 2 best happy hours in the city. The Downtown Cocktail Room is an interesting mix of cool-guy vibes and quality cocktail creations. It’s often seen as one of the most constantly innovative bars in Las Vegas and is constantly offering up new mixes and drinks for the public to enjoy!

If you manage to saunter in from 5pm to 7pm, you can also get a great deal on some amazing drinks by getting on the Halfy Hour deal. With all drinks at 50% off during this time, this is a great way to sample several things on their ever-evolving menu of offerings.

(Let you in on a little secret, the trick to the door is to push—not pull!). This is going to be one of the best happy hour deals in Las Vegas you will find.

10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022) (2)

Honey Salt

The Honey Salt is a great restaurant and bar, with a cozy welcoming atmosphere that makes it great for families and date nights with your lover. If you stop around 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, you can get more than great quality food, you can get a great deal on drinks too!

In their Sips and Savors happy hour deals, you can get a selection of draft beers, wines, and cocktails for well under $10, along with a few dishes on the menu.

A message from the owners – “Honey Salt is devoted to our community and we are committed to using the best quality ingredients from local and regional farmers, fishermen, and growers. Our chef-driven, seasonal menus are built around a core of opening-day staples, accentuated with a thoughtful variety of creative dishes that evolve with the seasons to ensure a diverse offering.

Whether it’s our interpretations of classic comfort food or our lighter, wellness-based fare, our vegan options or our decadent brunch, Honey Salt’s product is always sourced, prepared, and served with love.

Our playful cocktails and American-centric wine list offer all the classics and plenty of surprises. Daily specials such as Green Garden Mondays, Live Music Tuesdays, and Wine Wednesdays make sure there is always something new to explore, and our famous Farm Table Dinners allow us to celebrate with all of you through a new theme each month.”

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Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors is one the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas. This place found its fame by being a spot where locals could sit back and enjoy the show of watching nuclear bombs go off at the nearby test site with a good drink in hand.

While Atomic Liquors currently doesn’t offer designated happy hours, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal at this essential Las Vegas establishment. With beers starting at $3 and cocktails at $7, you can definitely find a drink for yourself while imagining what it must have been like to look over the horizon and watch history unfold before your eyes.


ReBar is a fun contemporary bar experience that’s perfect for those who want to sit back and enjoy some music, surrounded by the eclectic decor and classic hard rock Las Vegas vibes. Open all night every day of the week, there’s always something going on at ReBar.

If one of those things you’re looking to do is enjoy a sweet deal on good drinks, then stop by for their daily happy hours that last from noon till 3pm!

8 East

10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022) (4)

If you love saki this is your best happy hour in Las Vegas. 8 East brings a fresh Asian flare to the streets of Vegas at the newly built Circa Resort. Inspired by contemporary Pan-Asian food, this awesome new addition to the pantheon of Las Vegas bars adds a welcome variety of flavors, offering everything from Chinese to Thai.

Check out their amazing deals on food and drinks every day from 3pm to 5:30pm to get your night started early with a cool Saki bomb for only $6.

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At Eureka, you won’t just find a good deal on drinks once a day—but twice! This joint is selling belly-filling mouth-watering American food with a twist to delight just about anybody.

And when you get out to find your Eureka moment from 2pm to 6pm or 9pm to close, you can get this amazing food for a deal during their daily Hoppy Hours. Check out their menu to see what cool new concoctions you can get for a steal.

Makers and Finders

While Makers and Finders is a coffee shop—that doesn’t mean you just have to get coffee! Especially when you’re looking to take advantage of good deals on innovative drinks offered at this hip location.

But even if you don’t want to indulge in a draft beer for only $5, you can instead get a $4 latte and enjoy the ambiance.

The Underground

10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022) (6)

Honorable mention:

F the Bar – In The Ferguson

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A tucked-away bar with one of the only all-day happy hours in the Downtown area. This new bar has a very tasty menu, offering local craft beers, mocktails, and wines.

We focus on curating a menu you can experience within F the Bar that showcases a strong local beer offering, craft & unique spirits, natural, funky wine selection and just a fun cocktail menu. We also wanted to make sure we have a strong mocktail offering!

– F The Bar Owner

If you really want to feel like you’ve been transported to another era, where Italian mobsters run the city and the prohibition is in full swing, you should visit The Underground. Located in the basement of the Mob Museum, you don’t get a more authentic speakeasy atmosphere than this.

Take advantage of their happy hours Sunday through Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. Get a little more knocked off your order if you enter the establishment by knowing on the door of the secret side entrance.

Fun Fact: The Mob museum itself was founded by Las Vegas’ former Mayor Oscar Goodman. After many attempts to turn the old courthouse into a historical landmark it was approved in 2002. Former Mayor Goodman said it was crucial for him to restore a historic Las Vegas building — one of the few to be saved compared with older cities on the East Coast. “I made a promise to myself. I got the support of the council,” he said in an interview with the Review-Journal. “We weren’t going to destroy any old buildings like they were doing out on the Strip. We were going to try to keep everything intact.”

Get the Best Drinks for the Best Deals Around

When you keep these amazing deals, available all across the Vegas Strip and across the city, you can enjoy a good drink without breaking the bank. Find a restaurant you love and sit back for a few hours with the company you just can’t live without. Or find a bar to spend the night away when you keep in mind the locations on this list and sample amazing drinks you couldn’t have dreamed of!



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10 Of The Best Happy Hours In Vegas (August 2022)? ›

2022 Best Happy Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas Area
  • 1/ BARDOT Brasserie. 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. ...
  • 2/ Beerhaus. 3784 S. ...
  • 3/ Buddy V's Ristorante. 3327 Las Vegas Blvd. ...
  • 4/ Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar. 3545 Las Vegas Blvd. ...
  • 5/ Emeril's New Orleans Fish House. ...
  • 6/ Giada. ...
  • 7/ Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. ...
  • 8/ Greek Sneek.

What is the most popular happy hour drink? ›

Cocktails are the most popular drink during cocktail hours.

This includes martinis, daiquiris, margaritas, the Old Fashioned, aperol spritzes, and Moscow Mules.

Does Vegas do happy hour? ›

One of the best bets in Vegas is happy hour, that time of day when restaurants and bars offer up discounted food and drink specials. Customers looking for a deal can find these happy hours all up and down the Strip, in Downtown, Henderson, and at points in between.

Does Bird Bar still have happy hour? ›

There are daily drink specials including 50 cent beers from 5pm-6pm. If you're an early bird stop by for reverse happy hour 2am-10am.

What is the best time for happy hour? ›

What is the best time for happy hour? Though happy hours can vary, the best happy hour time is usually 5 PM to 7 PM. This is when most bars and restaurants experience a lull and haven't experienced nightly dinner crowds yet.

What should I wear to a company happy hour? ›

Take cues from Casual Friday and go with a button-down and a nice pair of slacks, or a knit shirt and denim pants. Pair a colorful dress with a business-savvy blazer, or wear a classic blouse with denim jeans.

What do guests do during cocktail hour? ›

The party portion of the day kicks off with cocktail hour—a chance for guests to mingle, sip on signature drinks and Champagne, and snack on yummy hors d'oeuvres. This part of your big day is all about the guests, since you, your new spouse, and your wedding party are likely busy taking photographs.

How much is a pint in Vegas? ›

Las Vegas Food and drink prices
Food TypeDescriptionPrice(USD)
Beer (pint)You can usually get free drinks if you gamble. Actual bar prices run from cheap to unbelievably expensive (in clubs).5.00 - 9.00
3 more rows

How do you get drunk in Vegas? ›

10 Ways To Get Drunk In Vegas Without Sitting At A Slot Machine
  1. Insert Coin(s) For years, Fremont Street was the seedier cousin of the strip. ...
  2. Vesper. ...
  3. Sage. ...
  4. Downtown Cocktail Room. ...
  5. The Wine Cellar Tasting Room at the Rio. ...
  6. HYDE. ...
  7. Tetsu. ...
  8. Payard.
Nov 13, 2012

How much does a beer cost in Vegas? ›


If you would like to get more of an idea of what a night out at Vegas nightclubs will cost you, use the Las Vegas nightclub calculator. THE AVERAGE PRICE OF VEGAS DRINKS: Domestic Beer: $7 – $10. Import Beer: $8 – $10.

How much are beers at Casino Royale Las Vegas? ›

Casino Royale Drink Specials

Nowadays, they sell bottled beer for $3. This includes Corona and Heineken however. If you put a $20 into the video poker machine and play a few hands, the bartender will give you a free beer, including craft beers. Otherwise the craft beers are $5.

Does the Flamingo Showroom serve drinks? ›

Drink service is minimal. Even Mr. Burton had difficulty finding one for his act.

How long is happy hour? ›

When is happy hour? While there isn't one set time, typically, happy hour is between 4 - 8 PM, Mondays through Fridays. This fills the time before dinner where a restaurant might have a lull in activity, and also conveniently lines up with the time when most people are leaving work for the day.

Does happy hour make money? ›

Happy Hour is one of the most profitable times for many businesses. In fact, A 2017 study shows that, over the course of a month, bars with happy hours had 33% more transactions than bars without happy hours. They also saw made 26% more in revenue from their most popular cocktails during happy hour.

How does a happy hour work? ›

Happy hour is any period during bar and restaurant slow hours that is usually accompanied by drink deals or discounts. Most restaurants' and bars' slow hours are between 2 or 3 PM and 6 to 7 PM, when most people are still at work or school.

What drinks are served at cocktail hour? ›

Serving beer and wine during a cocktail hour is a common practice at most weddings. Beer and wine might not be your guests' first choice in cocktail hour beverages, but it will undoubtedly do the trick. Serving beer and wine at the cocktail hour ensures that no one gets too crazy, too quickly.

What's the most popular non alcoholic drink? ›

Our Favorite Nonalcoholic Drinks
  • Beer: Nonalcoholic beer, white grape juice, ginger ale.
  • Cognac: Peach, pear, or apricot nectar or juice.
  • Sake: Rice vinegar.
  • Tequila: Cactus juice or agave nectar.
  • Vodka: White grape juice mixed with lime.

How do you make a happy hour? ›

Foster fun with these 15 creative happy hour ideas:
  1. Create and offer an exclusive menu that's only available during happy hour. ...
  2. Don't skimp on food items. ...
  3. Hype up your full menu. ...
  4. Appeal to groups with large plates. ...
  5. Offer delicious pairings. ...
  6. Create small drink and food specials to maximize individual return.
Jun 2, 2021


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