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Futbol Mania

This company was sent out to look at my microwave by Samsung. I called several times and jumped through some hoops to get the appointment set up, even though I had the authorization from Samsung. The people were very unfriendly (with the exception of an older man I talked to on the phone once.) The technician (who looked like an unkempt teen) they sent out spent a few minutes looking at my microwave, (which after turning on and off by itself for a week or so eventually started throwing sparks). He wasnt sure what was wrong but said it might be the magnatron and left. Several days later I got an email from Samsung saying they were not fixing or replacing my Microwave because the cause of the problem was customer "neglect". I called Herb Snow after receiving this message, I called Samsung and they said this was based on what the technician told them. After speaking with Samsung some more and explaining that the microwave was randomly turning on and off when we werent even in the room and this could not be caused by neglect. They reissued a NEW approval for repair and sent to Herb Snow, the email I received said I would be hearing from them but of course after about a week I called them myself. I got a very rude employee on the phone that didnt want to be bothered with looking for the authorization. At this point I called back Samsung and asked for this to be sent to another service company in Wichita . WITHIN 10 MINUTES I received a call from ACTION Appliance, who sent out a very professional service technician the next day, he determined the cause of the problem, was able to recreate the microwave turning itself on an off, called Samsung and sent a live video to their support techs. He stayed on the phone with them for at least 20 minutes to ensure a full repair authorization. NOW THAT IS SERVICE!!! I highly recommend Action Appliance and will refer my real estate clients and friends to them. I would advise Herb Snow to give his staff some customer service training in addition to making sure they know how a microwave works.


Kera XX

My name is in your records, multiple it took you multiple house calls to further break/damage my appliance, eventually leaving it worse than when you began. The people answering the phone at your business are rude and spiteful...I can see the same nasty attitude in responses to your bad reviews. How does a consumer know if the good reviews for your business are really from a customer "in your records"? You allude to bad reviewers as being inaccurate or fake when the inaccuracies which exist are how you carry out business. Head on over to Yelp where theres more negativity about your sham operation and your inept employees. Your commercials are ignorant and unprofessional too.My response to yours: You are a liar. I called with my frustration on your company not being able to fix the issue after FOUR visits. You got rude with me when I told you I had not choice but to go with your company due to the extended warranty. You then began arguing with me, got rude and hung up on me. I was hung up on the second time when I called back. This juvenile and unprofessional behavior is well documented in the reviews here as well as Yelp and the BBB which Ive filed a report with too. Your company consistently lies about your interactions with customers, and is a "right fighter". Guess what? Youre not always right---especially in these cases. Perhaps you should consider a customer service course--because it is absent from your business. One more thing..... I need a new washer and dryer....guess whos not getting my business? YOU


Jan Dunlap

After the owners response to my review, I WILL go into detail! On the first visit, I described the problem--a strange noise from the ice maker followed by water leaking out of the door at the dispenser. Derek said I needed a new ice maker and proceeded to tell me that these appliances are built to last ten years and mine was already nine years old. I said I wanted to fix this one, so he turned off the old ice maker and ordered a new one. He said he would be back to install it. In the meantime, my ice maker continued to leak water at the dispenser every time I dispensed water! When he came back with the new part, I told him--AGAIN--about the water and he finally decided it was the harness. Two weeks later I had not heard from anyone so I called and was told I would be called back in one week. They did not call, so I called and Kelsey told me they were still trying to locate the part.Thats when I called Fridgedaire and called another company. The man who came out knew exactly what the problem was and which part would fix it. So, yes, I wanted my money back for the inconvenience and time involved with no results. Do yourself a favor and call another company first.


Vicki Widner

In Nov 2014, a big name store from whom I had ordered a top of the line washer and dryer apparently became confused about the order (even though it had been placed for 6 weeks) and tried to deliver much lesser products. I declined the delivery; they called the "store" and I was told they could re-deliver the correct appliances the following Saturday; no sooner, nothing. I had them cancel the order; yes I was quite angry that they would not right their wrong same day. I called Herb Snow & Son, expecting to purchase products and have them delivered within a few days. Within about 3 hours on that same Saturday, Herb delivered and set up a top of the line LG washer and dryer. Not the first time Id used them, but certainly the first time in such a situation. These people are just good people; I cannot describe how they put customers first - I simply do not have the right words. And, the appliances were no more expensive than the ones I had ordered but were not delivered by the big name store.


A Private User

Spent between $5,000 to $7,000 on entire Kitchen full of appliances 3 years ago...Maytag Wash Machine broke down 3 times...paid nearly $1,000 in repairs in under 3 months...kept telling repair man it was leaking underneath and he would not fix the leak...said it was a hose...main bearing and seal has now gone out...a totally useless piece of appliance in under 3 the response from their store and their General Manager is a good as the product they sold me...was told they dont make them only sale them...GM hung up on me after we were debating why he could not come fix the washing maching for free...he made a good pofit on my entire purchase and I was expecting a washer that was nearly $1,200 and nearly $1,000 in repairs to work...their attitude of servicing what they sold is horrible. Poor Products...Poor Service...Poor Attitude...Do not buy from them


Kyle Pyland

Had the unfortunate pleasure of talking to a very rude, extremely arrogant individual by phone. Herb snow & son was recommended to me because they were local. I had called up there more than once. Same thing each time.They defiantly didnt gain my business. I would recommend skipping the this local company and perhaps use a big box store instead! I seem to have never individuals there. I would also like to add that I was able to personally witness how they talked to one of their previous clients. She was an older woman calling to ask them questions about her purchase. They were incredibly rude to her as well.I am sure the owner will be replying to this in his usual way And he will likely paint me out to be non existent or someone who is being unreasonable. Looks like that is his only two tactics.

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